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ЦТО «Спутник» аккредитован на электронных торговых площадках

ЦТО «Спутник» в реестре туроператоров РТО 001516

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We invite you to visit one of the oldest enterprises in the city - the Krasnoyarsk Non-ferrous Metals Factory named after V.N. Gulidov beeing one of the Russian and world leaders in the processing of precious metals.

During the 2-hour excursion you will visit the “hottest” production site - the smelting shop, where you will observe a magic process of making gold bars, in which the precious metal passes from a liquid state to a solid one. You will be invited to the room where the finished bars of gold, platinum, palladium, silver are stored.
You will also visit the jewelry manufacturing division, the technical products workshop, the assortment room of jewelry production, and then you'll walk around the R&D Park, which is the Krastsvetmet scientific and technical center.

Duration is 4 hours.