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city and region tours   русская версия

Branded route, approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Krasnoyarsk - Yeniseisk – Kazachinskoe - Krasnoyarsk. 

The unique route around the Krasnoyarsk region will tell you about history development of Siberia by Russians, about local nationalities of the North, about the first fortresses on banks of the river Yenisei. You will get acquainted with life of the Russian exiled of 18-20 centuries, the times of "gold fever", with a contribution to development of Siberia of Decembrists and merchants. You learn a lot of things about modern life of inhabiants of Yenisei. 
Excursion groups are formed from 10 people. Each group is followed by the guide. Price for 1 people - 20000 /22750/ 24000 rub. The price are included: DBL accomodation in the hotels, meals and excursions according to the program, transport service, the guide, entrance tickets according to the program, an insurance. 

Duration of the tour: 4 days / 3 nights.
“The Yeniseisk Stories”   
“The Yeniseisk Stories”
(Krasnoyarsk – Yeniseisk – Lesosibirsk – Kazachinskoe – Krasnoyarsk)

“The Yeniseisk Stories” – is a new excursion tour from the company “Sputnik”. The 3-days tour includes detailed sightseeing of the Eniseisk city and a visit to such towns as Lesosibirsk and Kazachinskoe. The tour will be rich and memorable. The guests will enjoy architectural and cultural memorials, churches and museums, work-shops and interactive events. Travel with “Sputnik”, enjoy “The Yeniseisk Stories”!

The tour duration – 3 days/ 2 nights.
"Voyage to Divnogorye"   
"Voyage  to Divnogorye"
The travel agency "Sputnik" invites to a fascinating 2-day travel across Krasnoyarsk and its picturesque vicinities. Panoramic views of Yenisei, acquaintance with the museums and temples,  sightseeing  of a dam of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, a visit to the park of sport and recreation ”Bobrovy log” ("The beaver ravine"), natural  wonders and objects of cultural heritage – all this organically is filled in the program of this  excursion tour.
Welcome to really fantastic travel!

Route:  Krasnoyarsk — the observation deck "Tsar Ryba" (Emperor Fish)— the village Ovsyanka— the  river Mana — Divnogorsk — the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station — Divnogorsk — "Bobrovy log"  — Krasnoyarsk.

Duration of an excursion tour: 2 days / 1 night.

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