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National Nature Reserve "Krasnoyarsk Stolby"   
National Nature Reserve "Krasnoyarsk Stolby"
Stolby – the volcanic rocks of gray-pink syenite. The height of some rocks reaches 120 meters. For millions years wind and rain made these unique gigantic sculptures. Eternity and strength fill this fabulous nature park in the middle of the taiga - Northern coniferous forest. For a long time “Stolby” was a place of pilgrimage of Krasnoyarsk climbers called “stolbists”.
But “Stolby” is attractive not only for climbers but also for Krasnoyarsk native people and the guests of the city. The thousands of people come here to take pleasure from nature and conquer any top of the mountain.
We would like to offer two areas of the reserve – Takmak area and Central area.

You can use the services of a guide, instructor-guide (who bears responsibility for tourist's safety) and instructor's helper (is necessary for every 4th tourist).

Duration of the tour: 1-4 days.
Accommodation: Krasnoyarsk hotels.
Tour For Pupils: Holidays In Krasnoyarsk   
Tour For Pupils: Holidays In Krasnoyarsk
It is a 2-days sightseeing tour during which the pupils will learn more about Krasnoyarsk and it's most famous sights.
The Capital of Krasnoyarsk region attracts the tourists not only in summer but also in winter. The most popular Krasnoyarsk winter pride is the biggest in Russia Christmas tree. The children will see beautiful Christmas Villages and they will also appreciate famous Krasnoyarsk holiday illumination. And they will also visit some informative excursions (V. Astafyev's house-museum, V. Surikov's stately home, Flora and Fauna Park "Royev Ruchey" etc.).

The program is match both for juniors and teenagers, age 7-18. It can be also changed by any additions.
For school students: winter vacation in Shushenskoe   
For school students: winter vacation in Shushenskoe
The real winter vacation has to be  with travel and adventures!

The excursion program is calculated on 4 days. During this time school students will see beauty of natural landscapes of Khakassia and spurs of Sayan Mountains, will touch history of conquest of Southern Siberia, will get to know the  sights of Abakan and Minusinsk, will visit Main- and Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power stations. In the memorial estate "Shushenskoe" a fascinating interactive  waits for children  – Christmas ceremonies, caroling, a meeting with Father Frost on  fairy tale pathes.

The program of round trip  will be interesting for the children of different age – from 7 to 18 years old.

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