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“Krasnoyarsk – the City of Russian Traditions”   
“Krasnoyarsk – the City of Russian Traditions”
The guests will visit the historical Center of Krasnoyarsk and “Strelka”, view the Museum-steamship "Prelate Nikolay", moreover they will admire panoramic view of the city from the Hill where the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa’s Chapel is located.
During the tour the guests will visit the House-Museum of G. Yudin who was a famous Russian bibliophilist. The exhibition is devoted to the lifestyleof the Siberian family, it’s values. Moreover there will be an exhibition devoted to the Decabrist’s stay in Yenisey Province. And they can also visit an exhibition “The Voice which conquered the World” devoted to the Krasnoyarsk citizen Dmitriy Khvorostovskiy. There are more than 800 exhibit items – biographical and creative material about the famous opera singer.
After the sightseeing tour the guests will be offered to participate in a quiz “Russian Traditions” devoted to national holidays.

Duration - 3 hours.
Seven love stories   
Seven love stories
It is a bus tour with the most romantic love topic. The excursion is dedicated to  love stories of famous Krasnoyarsk citizens (and not only). Of course you will hear about love story of Nikolay Rezanov and Konchita which have already became a beautiful legend. You will also hear about love stories of other famous  Krasnoyarsk citizens such as Vasiliy Davydov, Vladimir Krutovskiy, Vasiliy Surikov and others.

The duration is 2 hours.
Excursion: “Krasnoyarsk Souvenirs”   
Excursion: “Krasnoyarsk Souvenirs”
During the tour the guests will explore the Krasnoyarsk city which is the capital of Krasnoyarskiy Kray. The tourists will visit the historical part of the city, a picturesque place - the hill where the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa’s Chapel is located. There is the viewing point where the guests can admire fascinating panoramic view of the city, its streets, avenues, old and modern buildings and bridges.
The main part of the tour is visit to private Museum of Toys and Handwork.
The rare collection of old-aged and designer’s dolls is presented here. Now the collection consists of more than 400 antique dolls made of porcelain, clay, celluloid, textile, wood, wax, paper. The museum has its own atmosphere where you can feel that the dolls live in their own epoch.
There will be also a master class of a doll or a post card making.

Duration 3 hours.

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